Question: what does retinol do?

Answer: Retinol is a vitamin a derivative. When it attaches to the skin cell receptors, it tells the skin cells to differentiate or mature faster. As a result, the skin cell turnover rate accelerates from 28 days to somewhere around 21 or 22 days. As a result, your skin looks younger and healthier. It also is thickens the epidermis and hides fine lines and wrinkles.


Question: What is the best way to start using retinol?

Answer: the best way to start using retinol is to start off slowly. We typically recommend trying it every other night for a week or two. Then, as you’re skin gets used to retinol exposure, increased frequency to every night.


Question: what should I expect my skin to feel like when I start using retinol?

Answer: Typically, when a person starts using retinol, there are a few days when the skin feels a little bit sensitive. After that, the epidermis becomes accustomed to the new cellular turnover and the sensitivity goes away.


Question: what is special about natural correctives retinol?

Answer: there are several things that separate natural correctives overnight renewal cream from other products. First of all, our retinol is micro-encapsulated. What that means is that the retinol molecule will remain stable longer and will spread more evenly on the skin. As a result of that, it will have the maximum advocacy. Another exciting fact about this product is that it contains several natural ingredients that help balance the harsh nature of retinol. Those natural ingredients include Aloe Vera Juice, Rosehip oil, soy bean oil, sunflower seed oil, magnolia bark extract, hydrolyzed oat protein and finally botanically sourced Hyaluronic Acid.